New laws for Serie A stadiums to be introduced

Angelino Alfano, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, has revealed that a new set of laws will be introduced regarding Serie A and Serie B stadiums.

There have been a number of complaints from clubs in both leagues for some time now, as the old laws currently make it harder for teams to build their own stadiums, due to them having to rent the properties from local councils.

These laws also restrict clubs from making as much revenue as they could if they owned the stadiums themselves and had permission to rent space to outside vendors of sorts.

Alfano spoke during a recent Lega Serie A meeting and outlined the new rules that will be put into place this week, including plans to also combat violent behaviour from certain supporter groups.

“Tomorrow [Tuesday] the government will present an amendment to the stability law that regards sporting structures,” said the 43-year-old.

“It will be a revolutionary presentation with three main principles: the first is the possibility to build sporting venues even using private capital, the second regards a cut through the bureaucracy that slows down operations, while the third regards the possibility of opening new structures and commercial activities inside these venues.

“We’ll also look to confirm the hard line against violent and criminal factions. In the last few months and years we worked to ensure delinquents are not authorised to enter the stadiums. We must continue along this path.

“The use of stewards in stadiums was an experiment that worked, but also manifested its limitations. There will also be moves to limit the phenomenon of counterfeit merchandise to give back to the clubs the legal revenue that is being taken from them.”


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